Digital real time images slideshow

Suitable for your wedding, company party, birthday and any other event

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This is how it works:

  1. Create an event
  2. Upload images via QR code
  3. Enjoy slideshow
  4. Download images

Take a look at our video on how Slidery works:

Video explanation (German language)

How can I use it?

With Slidery, you can spice up your events with a real-time digital photo wall. Think of it as a digital photo booth. All your guests can use your code to upload pictures for your event without the hassle of registration. Suitable for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays or just about any festive occasion. The uploaded pictures of your guests will end up in your Slidery account and will of course be available for you to download in the best resolution. During the event, you can have the pictures shown live on a beamer or TV, for example. So everyone can see what's going on at your event.

Create an event
Simply online in a few seconds

You create an event on your event page. When you create an event, you only have to enter a name, e.g. 'Lisa and Tom's wedding', and the period during which your guests can upload pictures. You will then receive a QR code that all guests can use to upload their photos. You can display it at the event or send it with the invitation.

Day of the event
The celebrations can begin

Once the beamer and the internet connection are up and running, you can start right away: Simply scan the QR code and upload the photos. And you can already see the first pictures of your party on the slideshow.

The Slideshow
Have everything in view

Now you and your guests can see all the photos throughout the evening via the slideshow. New pictures are shown preferentially, so you always know what's going on. No matter how many devices, everyone can participate. Run the slideshow on a projector at the event or share it with family and friends who can't be at your event.

After the event
Everything in your hands

When the event is over, all the pictures of your guests are ready for you to download. Of course, we save the photos in the best resolution, unlike typical messengers. So simply download and save them forever, so that the memory of this special evening remains forever!


What does Slidery cost?

No annoying subscription. You pay once in advance for your event and the upload is activated for you and your guests during your selected period.


Standard Bundle

5,000 Uploads

20 GB storage

20 MB max file size:

7 days event timespan

30 days storage and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by credit card when booking.

How far in advance can I create an event?

You can create events a maximum of 6 months in advance.

The event will not take place after all, can I cancel now?

If the event does not take place and you wish to cancel, please contact our support team by email.

What happens if I upload too many images?

After reaching your limit (either number of images or storage limit), we will automatically block the upload. There are no unforeseeable costs for you.

Until when can I download the images?

We store your images until 30 days after your event. After that, all images will be irrevocably deleted from our servers.

Which image formats can be uploaded?

From a technical point of view, all photos can be uploaded in common formats such as JPG, PNG and WEBP. The RAW format used by photographers cannot be uploaded.