Birthday Party

The highlight for your birthday party!

You have a reason to celebrate: your birthday! What better reason to get together with family and friends and celebrate? A big birthday party with a beautiful location, a birthday cake, good music and lots of surprises or rather a relaxed barbecue in your own garden, everyone brings something and everyone enjoys the time together. No matter how you prefer to celebrate, this is the opportunity to create memories with your loved ones and keep them forever.

With Slidery, you can create your own slideshow of photos from your party in real time. You can create your own event in Slidery and download a QR code. Your guests can upload their snapshots from your birthday party directly from their cell phone, no app or registration required. The pictures are then directly visible on the picture slideshow and the party can begin.

Your digital photo wall

It's as simple as this: book Slidery, set up a projector and project onto a screen or simply use a TV. Once you have created your event in Slidery and booked it for the date of your party, you can download a QR code. Then you can easily hand out the QR code at your birthday party, print it on place cards, for example, or lay out the QR code in printed form. Your guests can then scan the code with their smartphone and upload photos. And you can watch the best snapshots on the beamer slideshow and enjoy the party.

Our tip: hand out fun photo challenges to your guests, such as: take a photo while jumping or take a photo with a guest you don't know. Don't miss out on the chance to create completely atypical moments and capture them with funny snapshots 😉.

Download all pictures at once

After the party, you can take your time unpacking your presents and enjoying the leftover birthday cake, because the photos of your birthday party are directly available to you. You don't have to search through numerous chats to find useful photos. With just one click, you can download all the uploaded photos and, thanks to the good download quality, post the first photos directly on social media or show them to your friends and family.

Do you want to capture the best moments of your birthday forever? Here you can find the most important information about Slidery, such as prices and FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by credit card when booking.

How far in advance can I create an event?

You can create events a maximum of 6 months in advance.

The event will not take place after all, can I cancel now?

If the event does not take place and you wish to cancel, please contact our support team by email.

What happens if I upload too many images?

After reaching your limit (either number of images or storage limit), we will automatically block the upload. There are no unforeseeable costs for you.

Until when can I download the images?

We store your images until 30 days after your event. After that, all images will be irrevocably deleted from our servers.

Which image formats can be uploaded?

From a technical point of view, all photos can be uploaded in common formats such as JPG, PNG and WEBP. The RAW format used by photographers cannot be uploaded.